DesignTO ‘23

Window Installation
Milky’s 760 Dundas St W

Jan 2023
Unseen Interiors

Ceramic vessels are normally encountered as distinct objects in space, characters of certain shapes on a stage. We aren’t so much concerned with the shape of the voids or the spaces they bear inside. And yet what interiors, what ethereal cavities do the vessels, in their outermost contours, fill? Like bones read not as pieces lodged in flesh, but as the hollows the flesh sits against, how can we indicate these far less encountered, less understood places?

A series of body-like clay vessels, layers of translucent spectral images produced through indexical techniques, and lights and shadows are the simple materials for articulating the interiors constituted by outward forms. Daytime and nighttime experiences of this installation differ.

This work is interested in thematizing materials’ tendencies, in exposing manual process, in spatial sequence, and in experimental models of preservation grounded in the index.

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